Inclusivity and climate policy

ICMPC-ESCOM acknowledges that traditional conference formats are often associated with a high carbon footprint and exclude participation from researchers whose mobility may be limited due to various reasons, including many researchers from low-income countries.

Our aim is therefore to organise the 2021 conference in a way that increases opportunities for participation, whilst decreasing the burden on our environment by limiting carbon emissions. A suitable mid-way between live and virtual participation is offered by the multi-hub format pioneered at ICMPC15/ESCOM11.

ICMPC-ESCOM2021 will adopt and develop the multi-hub format, aiming to deliver as best a conference experience as possible within a fully virtual format.

Note on the Covid-19 pandemic: Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions and social distancing are in place, making it harder for conferences to be organised in person. The programme will be optimised for virtual attendance, creating opportunities for virtual networking, virtual social activities, and cross-hub & time-zone discussions and thematic paper sessions.

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